Leasing is popular

 Leasing business assets has become very popular. It is a convenient way of financing business investments. Leasing does not unnecessarily tie up capital and keeps your financial resources free for alternative strategic activities. Besides these attractive investment conditions, you, as lease client, are responsible for insuring your leased business assets.

 Naturally, you can add your leased assets to your existing insurance policy, but, in the event of an incident, will such an umbrella policy pay out enough to cover your lease commitments? And are the objects you lease, which you do not formally own, included in the coverage? Who should receive compensation payments for repairs or in the event of an unexpected total loss? Again, your lease contract will impose certain requirements. Standard insurance policies do not cater for these additional requirements to the insurance cover for leased objects. And this is precisely why Industrial Insurance Group Belgium has developed a unique leased asset insurance policy for BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions. One thing less to worry about.